As you may know, OFS recently became part of Merkle Netherlands. Working closely together with our sister companies for the best national and international brands with our people-based strategy. Want to know more about our people-based strategy?

Customer strategy and activating our people-based strategy

A company that doesn’t have data, analytics and technology at the heart of their activities is having hard times nowadays. ‘Something with data’ seems to be the holy grail. But do we treat data according to the register-combine-analyze-automate structure? And can we still see and reach people through all the information around us? We believe the future of marketing and loyalty is personal, relevant and sustainable, fed by data, driven by technology and packed in creativity. We call that our people-based strategy .

As marketers and loyalty specialists, we have long benefited from the power that media and specific channels deliver. We tailor creative expressions, customer communications and offers to the unique characteristics of each channel and every form of advertising. We optimize our websites, our apps, our call centers and our direct-response marketing. We collect customer data to build sustainable relationships and to ‘grow’ ambassadors. And we test and invest in new formats, new technologies and new platforms to connect with customers.

Today we are heading to create a real ‘people-based strategy’. We innovate and create ‘more intimate’ moments with our customers to create customer loyalty. But we notice that we are increasingly experiencing fragmented landscapes full of platforms that do not communicate with each other, programs that overlap or compete with each other, and statistics that do not help us to gain competitive advantage or to establish customer value. At the same time, we live in the middle of a turning point, because technology transforms the power and potential of media. Technology gives modern marketers the ability to put into practice what direct marketers have been doing for years – marketing to people we know. We can now create more meaningful moments than ever, in any channel, on any device, at any time in time – all uniquely designed for a specific, real person. Logical that many marketers ask the question: “How do I do this?” Good news: there is an answer!

Focus on people

Merkle puts the real person at the center, in strategy and execution. Our agencies do this from their own expertise and in close cooperation with each other. We improve reach – connecting digital and physical channels – and make all customer experiences personal, we develop creative and impactful campaigns, which we continually measure and optimize integrally. In this way we make each interaction between brand and consumer more relevant and effective.

This may seem like an open door for marketers and loyalty specialists, putting people at the heart of their activities, but the digital economy requires a fundamental shift to people-based activities. What does that mean? It means that brands must develop a company-wide customer strategy and put them at the top of their agenda. Our experience shows that when brands have a deep understanding of their customers, build from real data, design holistic marketing programs around those customers and ultimately activate those programs using the same data, they do better than brands that only focus on incremental improvement of isolated channel tactics. A customer strategy rises above channel and media tactics and sets the course for the continual optimization of approaching (individual members of) the target groups during the customer journey.

About Merkle Netherlands

Merkle Netherlands consists of five specialized agencies that can assist in different facets of people-based marketing: Oxyma, OFS, Your Social, aFrogleap and Oogst. These agencies operate under their own name with the addition: ‘a Merkle company’. With over 350 professionals, we work from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Breda and Dubai. Merkle Nederland works for a large number of national and international customers, including KPN, Air France KLM, Audi, Unilever, Vodafone and Ziggo. There are also strong partnerships with software suppliers such as IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, Google and Selligent. It is in a major area of ​​attention to expand Merkle’s partnership with Pega in the Netherlands.