Not everyone likes to read the small letters, which is why we give you the essence of our Terms and Conditions.

1. We will make the greatest possible effort to ensure you are teamed up with people who possess the knowledge and experience that will make your processes and projects work.  In return we expect all the support they need in order to make the partnership a mutual success.

2. (Campaign) Marketers, CRM managers and Analysts deal with changing commercial realities on a daily basis, which is why projects and operational processes are implemented to remain as flexible as possible (we call this ‘agile’ implementation) within the scope of operations. This also means that the work carried out – if no explicit terms have been agreed – is always on a time and material basis.

3. We will do our utmost to ensure that your data remains yours, in terms of training, certification and technology. This also applies to the objectives and implementation of your strategic marketing projects.

4. In the case of errors on either side, we will do our best to achieve a joint solution and prevent any possible damage. If we cannot reach a mutually satisfactory decision, liability will be limited to what we consider to be reasonable proportions.

5. Our customers always expect 1 +1 to equal 3. This is why we enjoy collaborating with our partners as well as your company’s partners. However, on those occasions when things don’t quite turn out the way we expect, we feel a sense of responsibility. And we would also appreciate you taking responsibility for the partners that you have chosen for us to work with.

6. Anything developed by our company according to your explicit instructions will remain your property.

7. We comply with specific regulations and/or codes of conduct at all times.

8. Freelance employees who have been assigned to work for your company on an interim basis will do their utmost to complete the assignment to your full satisfaction. Please note that Interim is not the same as Project, and therefore your company remains responsible for managing these activities.

Do you still prefer the official legal versions? These are downloadable as PDF documents (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available ).

You can then download the official PDF documents here: